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Home-plus A range of machines aimed at the home user, for tidying and cleaning the garden, cutting hedges and small trunks or stems, and DIY jobs in general. Characterized by lightweight and compact construction, to make the task of the operator that much simpler. Easy to start, easy to use, easy to maintain: Tough-tech Solid and dependable, these are machines designed for heavy and frequent use in countryside environments: Designed adopting solutions certain to ensure high work rates and maximum durability over time.

Sharp-pro No-nonsense everyday tools for the busy professional, these are machines that stand out for the toughness of their components, their high performance and their matchless long-term durability. Specific materials used in construction guarantee unwavering quality even when tackling the most severe and lengthy of tasks, like forestry work and the clearance of uncultivated areas or scrub and undergrowth.

Be they evergreen or deciduous, fruit-bearing or ornamental, trees are a fundamental feature, whether of large landscaped areas and parks or small town gardens, as they generate perspective depth, create intimate and inviting corners, and give shade in summer. Trees and plants need to be tended carefully. Why, how and when to prune? There are several reasons why trees and plants need pruning: Pruning requires skill and patience; it is important to keep the harmony and growth of the tree in mind, avoiding injudicious.

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Select the most suitable machine The use of suitable pruning equipment will help to ensure that plants grow in the proper way and make them easier to look after. Selection of the best tool is evaluated on the basis of individual needs and preferences, taking the advice of experts. Pruning operations can be done using chain saws and pruners: Anyone with a small garden can use one of these machines simply for pruning the thicker branches of trees, but if there happens to be a fireplace in the home, a chainsaw will also be handy for chopping up logs.

The same goes for pruners: Growing and keeping a luxuriant hedge Before planting a hedge, care must be taken to plot the position of trees or shrubs so as to ensure compliance with legal constraints and with any pertinent local regulations. The best time to plant a hedge is between the beginning of autumn and the beginning of spring. To cultivate a full hedge of the desired shape, the single bushes or shrubs must be planted close together, and it will be necessary to trim the topmost branches from the second year of growth. To achieve satisfying results and work in.

Cleaning up leaves and other debris Lawns and paths can be kept clear of leaves, twigs and all kinds of debris using blowers and vacuum cleaners, offered in hand-held and backpack versions. From appliances available currently on the market, users can find the technological solution best able to meet their particular operating requirements.

A complete range of items for home and professional users alike. Tools for DIY projects, cutting up firewood, pruning, tree-felling. Quality, dependable performance, simplicity of use and maintenance: Inspect and clean the spark plug periodically. Check the electrode gap periodically. After every 30 hours of operation, remove the screw on the bevel drive and check the grease level pruner. Check and, if necessary, replace the chain safety stop chain saw. Turn the guide bar and make sure that the lubrication holes are free from impurities chain saw.

Guide to chain saw and pruner selection For general tasks in and around the home, such as cutting up firewood, light pruning or small DIY building jobs, an electric chain saw is just the job. Rated from 1. Weighing just 5 to 10 Kg, they are ideal for felling and cutting up large trees. For pruning jobs, the ideal machines are professional pruning chain saws, which provide the perfect blend of power, lightweight construction and easy handling. Equipped with a top handle, they are ideal for professional pruning operations and other precision work, such as grafting or surgery carried out on wounded or diseased plants.

For lopping and trimming overhead, or wherever there is uneven or sloping ground to contend with, a pruner is best. Thanks to a telescopic pole, cuts can be made up to 5 metres above ground, and therefore even on the highest branches. Suitable for topiary and general gardening; machines that do a perfect job, characterized by the cleanest of cutting actions. These are machines featuring an excellent blend of power with ease of handling and operation: Quality blades are guaranteed to give a clean cut, indispensable both for the visual end result, and for the health of plants.

Sharpen the blade periodically with the special tool provided. Clean the machine regularly with a soft brush or a cloth. Guide to hedgetrimmer selection For tending and cutting hedges with small trunks located near to houses, even in spaces where access may be difficult, the best option is an electric model rated or watts, guaranteeing agility, easy handling and minimal noise. On the other hand, professional hedgetrimmers are just what you need to confidently tackle all types of hedge, no matter how tough or dense. Generally rated at over watt, they guarantee consistent longterm efficiency with maximum productivity and minimum effort.

Hedgetrimmer blades can have single or double cutting edges and are between 60 and 75 cm in length. Optional features such as the primer ensure trouble-free ignition even at low temperatures. The dual safety switch and the shockproof material used in construction are designed to protect the user and safeguard the integrity of the machine.

Powerful and efficient tools for clearing any surface of leaves, twigs and debris generally, whether for the home user or for the professional operating in public areas. Special care has been taken over the design of devices designed to guarantee user comfort, also to ensure low noise operation and minimize environmental impact. Periodically, clean the spark plug and check the electrode gap 0. They can also be equipped with systems that significantly reduce the vibration transmitted to the operator when in use.

An invaluable help to gardeners everywhere, these new bioshredders finally solve the disposal problems posed by green waste clippings, twigs, small prunings. Equipped with powerful electric motors or petrol engines, they will chop and shred vegetable and organic waste, and foliage. Reduced to a fine consistency, these can be used as compost or mulch to give beneficial nutrients back to the soil and favour natural plant growth. Proper maintenance of bioshredder Models with petrol engine: Models with petrol engine: Resharpen the blades or replace them to enable the machine to function at maximum power.

Always replace the cutting tools in pairs. Clean the machine at the end of every job, removing shredded debris from the discharge port. Check the tightness of all screws. Guide to bioshredder selection The first point to consider is the power unit, which can be an electric motor if the machine will be operating where it can be connected to an a.

The other point to consider is the type of waste material consistency and diameter , and the quantity. Soft materials, such as leaves and twigs, and branches up to 40 mm in diameter: For heavier workloads, chipping and shredding more consistent materials, and diameters greater than 40 mm, a petrol engine bioshredder is recommended. Always keep to the dosages indicated, and be careful to spread the. Mowing Cutting the grass is not just an enjoyable pastime. It is also an operation absolutely essential to the health of the lawn:. Where moss has taken hold, on the other.

Watering It is important that the turf receives the right amount of moisture at all times during the year, as dictated by the weather conditions and the nature of the soil. Lawnmower, brushcutter or garden tractor? There are three types of equipment offering a complete solution to the various needs encountered in the care of a lawn. In fact, the ability of the turf to flourish will depend not least on the machine used to cut the grass.

In practice, the use of the right appliance will make work in the garden more relaxing and pleasurable and bring better results. Here, we look at the best way to go about making a choice. Mulching In addition to the benefits for the lawn, mulching helps solve the problem of how to dispose of grass clippings, as these are simply chopped up finely and spread over the turf.

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The lawnmower Lawnmowers are adaptable to different types of surface. Simply select the most suitable type from the models available: Some models are selfpropelling, which makes for greater operator comfort when mowing large expanses, and working on slopes or slightly uneven soils. If the lawnmower is equipped with a mulching kit, the need to dispose of clippings is largely eliminated, since these are finely fragmented and strewn on the turf, retaining moisture and essential nutrients.

The garden tractor These offer the ideal solution for large gardens, and for parkland and public green spaces. Sturdily built and easy to handle, machines of this type have a small turning circle to simplify manoeuvres in amongst plants and shrubs. They generally have a side or rear outlet duct for connection to a grass catcher. Like lawnmowers, certain models of garden tractor can be converted by means of a simple kit to operate in mulching mode. Multimate is the all-in-one tool that makes gardening 7 times more efficient.

At its centre is one big heart: Ideal for keen gardeners with diverse needs: No matter what the needs of the private user, one big heart takes care of them all. The all-in-one tool for your garden: Simple changeover action: A single engine body, quiet yet powerful: Minimal space requirements: Multimate takes up minimal room and is also supplied with a special implement storage kit. Multimate - Quick-fit lock-release system Multimate is based on a highly intuitive lock-release system which is so user-friendly and safe that it can be operated by even the least expert users.

Multimate - Engine unit Quiet, powerful and eco-friendly, the single 2-stroke engine features an innovative 3-spring anti-vibration system which completely isolates it from the handgrip: Multimate — Brushcutter The ideal tool for cutting grass, weeds, bushes and shrubs in areas not accessible with other machines. Essential both for cleaning and tidying private premises, and for clearing areas overgrown with untended vegetation.

Multimate — Trimmer The perfect implement for tending to less accessible corners of the garden, even those with obstacles. Multimate - Lawn Edger Practical and lightweight implement designed for trimming and tidying lawn edges along paths and flower beds; the vertical cutting action enables it to accurately follow the contours of the lawn, tidying borders that other machines such as brushcutters and lawnmowers are unable to reach.

Multimate — Blower Practical and manoeuvrable, this implement is ideal for trouble-free removal of leaves, shrubs and garden debris. Particular attention paid to enhancing the comfort of the end user. Multimate — Hedgetrimmer The 1. Twelve different blade settings. Multimate — Pruner For pruning all kinds of tree branches and foliage up to three metres from the ground, to keep growth under control. Multimate - Tiller Versatile implement which can be used for preparing soil for grass seeding, as well as digging furrows for planting flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

Its versatility means that it can also be used for turf scarification. This is a family of products characterized by top-of-the-range performance and supreme operator comfort, not to mention maximum care for the environment guaranteed by new engines producing low emissions. Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap. Check the grease level on the bevel drive after every 30 hours of use. Clean the machine and the cutter assembly at the end of.

Guide to brushcutter or trimmer selection The best machines for relatively small areas are electric trimmers.


Generally rated between and watt, they are ideal for trimming jobs on small, level areas with obstacles. On more or less level surfaces near obstructions, brushcutters are the better option. An extensive range of lawn care solutions. Small gardens or large parks; machines for occasional users and for professional contractors and groundsmen. All models are designed taking account of their typical operating environment, and of customer preferences with regard to use and maintenance.

A wide and diversified offering able to meet a variety of needs with innovative and hi-tech solutions. Proper maintenance of lawnmower Periodically, check the oil level and the fuel level models with petrol engine. Make certain that the cutting area under the deck , the grass catcher, and the machine in general, are cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Check the sharpness of the blade periodically. Check the engine oil periodically and renew if necessary, inspect the drive belts and pulley of the transmission system, clean the variable speed unit thoroughly, and inspect the wheel bearings, lubricating if necessary.

Equipped with an electric motor, these machines are ideal due to their compact size and manoeuvrability, with a cutting width that generally ranges between 30 and 50 cm. Comprising a robust structure with steel deck, they are available in the push-type and self-propelled versions. Offering a cutting width of 40 to 55 cm, they combine the advantages of tough construction materials aluminium deck with dependable performance, in terms of optimum work rate and shorter job times.

Designed for discerning users, professional gardeners and groundsmen, these tools are used in conjunction with lawnmowers and are ideal for keeping the lawn healthy by eliminating moss and thatch. Proper maintenance of scarifier Check the state of the blades before every use, sharpen or replace as necessary. Clean the machine immediately after each use. Empty and clean the collection bag.

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Clean the bottom of the equipment, as well as the roller or scarifier. Remove all dirt using a rag or brush. Do not clean the machine with running water or high pressure washers. Guide to scarifier selection Used for removing thatch and moss from the lawn surface, they are equipped with a robust structure and powerful engine, to take on even the toughest of terrains. Lawns should be scarified at least twice a year, as this will aerate the soil and enable moisture, air and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, favouring steady and healthy growth.

An important feature to look out for is the height adjustment system with memory, which ensures that the machine can be set down at the same height when repositioned. Generally available with a cutting width of between 35 and 50 cm. Models equipped with bearing-mounted wheels ensure excellent propulsion, whatever the type of surface. A range of products designed for discerning home users, produce growers and landscape maintenance contractors.

Ideal for cutting down and removing long, thick grass, they are distinguished by their extremely robust design, cutting power and comfortable operation, which enables the user to get the job done quickly and efficiently. After each use clean the cutter assembly housing and clear the engine of any residual vegetation.

Regularly check that the cutting blade is sharp, so to obtain the cleanest possible cut. Replace the gasket of the blade brake after every Equipped with centralised cutting adjustment two settings in the flail mower , they are ideal for cleaning medium-sized areas infested with weeds, scrub or other types of invasive vegetation. For more demanding and continuous work, such as that performed by farmers or professional contractors, a professional model is needed.

Equipped with professional blade wheeled brushcutter and professional cutting unit flail mower , they assure excellent chopping quality, even on dense undergrowth and medium-sized shrubs. Ideal for gardens of all shapes and sizes, parkland and public green spaces. Tough and easy handling, these are the perfect machines for anyone interested in high work rates.

Incorporating the latest solutions technology has to offer, they give maximum satisfaction in terms of comfort and performance, even to the most demanding of users. Proper maintenance of garden tractor After every 25 hours operation, check that the blade is fastened securely, and sharp. Every 20 hours, check the adjustment of the propulsion brake, the state of the drive belts and the condition of the blade clutch: Make a periodic inspection of all mechanical fastenings and general lubrication.

Check the level of the oil, replacing after the first 10 hours operation and every 50 hours thereafter.

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Inspect the air filter and fuel filter, and replace if clogged excessively. Check the pressure of the tyres. They can be converted to operate in mulching mode. Compact and neatly proportioned, these machines afford ease of manoeuvre in gardens with a high density of plants, where grass clippings need to be collected.

Available with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission which allows the operator to control direction and speed by means of a single pedal. Available with hydrostatic transmission which allows the operator to control direction and speed by means of a single pedal. During spring and summer, in particular, plants, hedges and lawns need a supply of water sufficient, and carefully gauged, to ensure that the roots do not dry out and the growth will remain green and lush.

As the grass begins to grow, it will need to be watered more abundantly and less often, so that the water can penetrate well down into the soil. The best time to water is undoubtedly in the early morning, as the soil cools down during the night and early watering will avoid thermal shock; also because when the sun is high, moisture will evaporate too quickly.

When the lawn is particularly dry, it is advisable to water sparingly at first, and then increase the amount by stages. Protection of plants, hedges and lawns The preservation of green areas is a major concern, especially in the urban context: The essential purpose of these machines is to atomize the active chemical in solution with water, and spray it at the vegetation being treated. They can spread liquids such as fungicides and pesticides or powders formulated to safeguard the health and growth of the vegetation.

Besides needing water, all plants, hedges and lawns must be fed with other substances that are essential if they are to prosper. Also, to ensure that treatment products are used effectively and to avoid releasing excessive amounts into the environment, spraying or dusting operations should not be undertaken in windy or rainy conditions.

After every 10 hours operation, clean the air filter metal strainer version with petrol, dry off and refit; for versions with foam or cloth air filter, shake the element out thoroughly and blow clean with compressed air. Replace if damaged. Periodically, check the condition of the fuel filter; on versions with float-type carburettor, the filter is located on. A complete range of self-priming and centrifugal water pumps, suitable for every kind of home and professional irrigation requirement, as well as building and deflooding services.

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Lightweight and easy to handle, yet tough and dependable, these are pumps with a high head-to-flow ratio, offering maximum flexibility under any conditions, and optimum efficiency even with long suction runs. For versions with diaphragm carburettor, replace the filter if dirty. Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap 0.

Proper maintenance of high-pressure water pumps Check the level and condition of the oil. Inspect the suction filter and clean if necessary. At least once a year, inspect the diaphragms of the highpressure pump and replace if necessary. Renew the oil and check the tightness of the bolts securing the pump assembly. Designed to give users maximum convenience, long uninterrupted spells of operation and high efficiency. Innovative technological design solutions guarantee intensive and uniform treatments, effected in rapid time and with maximum practicality.

A must for any grower intent on keeping a greenhouse, field crop or plantation perfectly healthy all year round. Clean the cylinder fins periodically, removing dirt and debris with a brush and compressed air. Guide to mistblower selection Designed for use in the garden or in smallholdings, these are machines for the discerning user, keen to benefit from the latest technological solutions. Driven by powerful and reliable engines of around cm3 displacements, they offer users maximum convenience, long uninterrupted spells of operation, and high efficiency.

Backpack design reduces carrying weight to render the task of the operator that much easier. Mistblowers come with 2-stroke engines in various sizes depending on the type of use intended. Standard features include easily accessible controls and capacious tanks.

Other particularly useful accessories are a conversion kit for treatments utilizing powdered or small granulated products, and a double jet kit, both simple to install. Ideal for targeted and selective treatments, thanks to the convenient pressure and atomization controls. The machine directs the spray just where it is needed, avoiding unnecessary waste and ensuring plants and crops are not damaged. High resistance to stress assured, even when for lengthy stints and operating in hostile conditions.

Other features, such as the generous size of the clutch, the steel composition of the crankshaft or the two rings of the piston, make our brushcutters safe and reliable workmates over time. The safety devices provided make Oleo-Mac tools suitable for both professional and private use.

Forged steel crankshaft and piston. Ergonomic loop and handles clad in rubber. Antivibration device with adaptive system. For adapting the ergonomics of the machine to the operator's needs. The filter support with fuel anti-backflow device. Ensures reduced recoil kick-backs and a limited number of rope pulls when starting the machine. Large size paper air cleaner for enhanced filtration capacity. Keeping your Oleo-Mac brushcutters in tip-top condition is simple and does not call for any special technical skills.

Just follow 6 simple steps:. Via E. Contacts Informative. Green Ideas. Treatments and irrigation Water pumps Backpack sprayers Backpack mistblowers Transporting Transporters. Cleaning Blowers and Vacuum cleaners High-pressure washers Low environmental impact work Battery-powered products. Product accessories. Pruning accessories. Sundry accessories. Clothing Anti-cut protection jackets Chain-resistant trousers Anti-cut protection leggings Anti-cut protection dungarees.

Gloves and mittens Anti-cut oversleeves Chain-resistant gloves. Footwear Anti-cut ankle-boots Anti-cut boots. Accessories Protective helmets Hearing defenders Protective goggles Protective face shields. Technical manuals. Download catalogues. Products Products Grass cutting. Brushcutters Lawns, ditches, undergrowth: Homepage Products Brushcutters. Filter Location Wood. Specific uses clearing ditches, slopes and terraced ground. Use consumer. Selection Guide Cutting, cleaning and finishing operations require power, durability and precision.

Read more. Remove filters. Petrol engine. Medium power. Sort by Recommended Price: Electric brushcutters TR 61 E.