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Using Command-U after selecting regions will set the cycle area to the exact width of the selected regions. Keep in mind Cycle Mode must be enabled for this C. What about clicking onto the next setting in the Library? Use the left and right brackets [ and ] to move between synth sounds, effect, EXS24 settings, and Library patches. Every built-in Logic instrument and effect works with these commands, and many third-party developers are kind enough to include their patches in the standard Logic settings format.

On the other hand, many instruments with built-in preset management will not be available from the standard Logic settings. So you bought that great controller with all those knobs and sliders? So now what?

10 Shortcuts To Working Faster In Logic Pro X

How do you utilize them? First, tweak the parameter you want to control, then press Command-L. Now move the knob or slider on your controller you want to assign it to. The command is remembered globally so even when opening other projects, the link between parameter and physical MIDI controller stays. This is one of my favorite Logic command.

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This is actually a toggle command. It toggles between reading automation that has already been recorded and recording automation. Ever tweak a knob on a synth or effect and wish you could just grab what you were doing right there and then? Use Control-Command-A and you literally never have to stop… while Logic is playing whatever synth, effect parameter, or mixing levels you adjust, get recorded on the spot as automation. Toggle to return this parameter to the read value by pressing the command again.

Control-Command-R is great for adding length to your songs. This is great for editing a specific loop. When working with looped regions, remember that if you edit the original, all the copies are edited too.

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What if you want to edit a single region from those loops? Using Control-L turns any selected looped regions into independent editable copies. After using this command you can easily edit the notes in a specific MIDI region or chop an audio region without effecting the others. Keep in mind that copied audio regions are still linked back to the original audio file, so if you make a destructive edit like in the sample editor all the others will change too.

Destructive edits to audio files are done in the Sample Editor.

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Reversing, changing the pitch of a specific area, fading in and out, and more are a few reasons to destructively edit an audio file. After some frustration with them while going back and forth between the two apps, I programmed in the basic PT shortcuts for similar Logic functions and finally saw the light.

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If you spend two hours programming in the basic shortcuts you use regularly, you can just add additional ones as you come across them down the road. NB There might be a better way, but if you assign "command-E" to "copy" in Logic, you can split regions at the selection border with the Marquee tool. The catch is, it copies it in memory, but I tend to use "alt-drag" for copies and then duplicate for more. I'd be happy to send you mine, but I've adapted them for a laptop, and my short-cut habits are probably different than yours as well as incomplete.

PS for anyone else out there, I have the Logic Keyboard Lee suggested for sale at half the price of a new one. Lawson, Please contact me I'm interested in your Logic keyboard. Find all posts by mars. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by: Forum Hosted By: User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

Nad4 Member. Join Date: Oct Location: Send a private message to Nad4. Find all posts by Nad4. Lee Blaske Member. Dec Location: Minneapolis, MN U. Send a private message to Lee Blaske. A great way to move quickly from one part of a project to another is using Go To Position. A quick and easy way to effortlessly make big leaps around a project. One of my biggest frustrations was setting up a Cycle Region and then wanting to listen to a part of the session that was outside of the cycle area.

You can double click along the ruler area to play from wherever you want to, which can be useful.

You can sign up for free guides right now that will help to improve and enhance your Logic mastering skills. So there you have it! The difficult part is remembering them but you could always right them down and refer back to them or pop back and visit Mastering In Logic again soon to remind yourself of these great timesaving shortcuts.